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Education Email Marketing Trends in 2022 

As we uncovered in our State of Selling to Schools 2022 research series, the UK’s teachers view their school inboxes 1.9 billion times over just one academic year.

That doesn’t include their personal inboxes – so it’s safe to say teachers are one of the most emailed groups of people, and are exposed to more emails than the large majority of the population.

That means your emails need to be not only fully accessible and in tip-top shape, but also fully embracing the latest and greatest edu-marketing trends to keep your emails fresh, eye-catching, and let teachers know you’re a leading bunch of innovators.

We’ve rounded up our top ten essential trends to follow with your edu-marketing emails this year to help you stay ahead of your competitors.


Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in your email marketing can not only improve its efficiency in a short time, but can also save you a considerable amount of your marketing budget.

With the power of artificial intelligence and 'Big Data', it’s possible to analyse trillions of consumer and education data sets in a matter of seconds, and derive tangible results to make your marketing more powerful.



As competition within the education marketing industry grows, edu-businesses are doubling down on their efforts to ensure their email campaigns are captivating and engaging. Interactive elements need to be clear and obvious, so the teacher understands how they work. An animated GIF or a ‘tap to reveal’ button are quick and easy ways to add extra flair to your email – but be warned they don’t work on every email client, so you’ll need to code in a fallback.



Emailing teachers at the right time, with the right content, will help teachers make quicker and more positive purchasing decisions.

Research the important events in the school calendar, work out which teachers these apply to, cross-reference with your target audience, and you’ll have the recipe for a perfect education marketing calendar that’ll see a flood of teachers making their way into your sales funnels.


Crisp Designs

Gone is the era of loading your education emails full of unwanted elements and unnecessary content. Research shows busy teachers only have time to read about 50 words of an email, which means you need to think carefully about how you open your email. Crafting visually friendly emails that are crisp and to the point, that tell teachers immediately that this email is relevant to them, and what it’s about, is one of the most important email marketing trends of 2022.


User-Generated Content

As with any consumer, teachers are more likely to buy from recommendations and reviews from other school staff. Make use of education-focused reviews, testimonials, and photos to create a good impression, and increase your conversation rate. If you’re up for an even bigger success rate, you could even ask a kind teacher to put their name to a personalised email as a digital letter of recommendation!


Dynamic Content

In our recent blog , we discussed how important dynamic content is to education marketing. Tailoring your email's message by teachers’ job role, subject, or even the whole school’s Ofsted rating, location, or free school meals percentage, to name a few, before categorising your lists, will guarantee a hyper-personalised experience, boost engagement and make them more likely to buy from you.


Quality Landing Pages

There’s a great phrase amongst email marketers: your email is the invitation, and your landing page is the party. Teachers only spend 11 seconds on average reading your email, but 13 on your website, so the sole purpose of your email should be driving landing page visits.

To generate a better conversation rate, put considerable time and effort into designing a landing page that’s clear, engaging, straight-to-the-point, and importantly provides teachers with something of value.


Data Privacy

Modern-day teachers are concerned about their privacy, and most will naturally be reluctant to share their personal information. Having an open communication with your readers explaining that their information is safe and that all your processes comply with the GDPR regulations can reinforce their confidence. Top-tip: Sprint Education’s email marketing service is fully GDPR-compliant, and we’re the only UK education marketing agency to hold our own opt-in database.


Mobile Optimisation

Over 50% of education emails are now opened on mobile, so it’s imperative your emails include mobile optimisation techniques to capture your audience where you’re most likely to find them. Your optimisation techniques should ensure that all of your email designs are mobile-friendly, and load quickly. This includes ensuring CTAs are clear and well-spaced out, reducing the file size of graphic elements without impacting on their quality, and ensuring all text is easily readable on a smaller device.


Email Accessibility

Our number-one edu-marketing trend is email accessibility. Education businesses need to ensure their marketing emails are accessible to as many people as possible. Considering the impact your design decisions could have on teachers should be your number-one priority, in order for your emails to be read and understood by the largest percentage of your audience. Embedded text can’t be read by text-to-speech readers, centrally aligned text is difficult to read by those with dyslexia, and certain colour combinations make text unreadable for those with sight impairments. Make sure you also test your email in ‘dark mode’, which inverts the colours of your email to ease sharp contrasts that can cause eye strain. Not everything will invert properly, so do your research and make sure your important text is still readable.

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